New FEMA Proposal and Random Sample of Disaster Policies From Lenders


Posted To: Pipeline Press

It is hard to find a mortgage banker that isn’t hell-bent on expanding – sometimes just for the sake of expanding. But many companies soon find out how hard and expensive it is owning a far-flung empire of brick & mortar. Not in the mortgage biz, but near & dear to the hearts of many, is one very successful company that vows not to expand much farther: why In-N-Out Burger won’t go East . Sorry Atlantic seacoast residents. Turning to changes driven more by nature, fire & water, one can’t help but see the diversity between the fire ravaged West Coast and the floods in other parts of the nation such as Louisiana. But did I read this right: JPMorgan Chase donated $200,000 for flood relief in LA ? I guess bank profit margins are darned tight. A coalition of unlikely allies…(read more)

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