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Not only are houses becoming smaller, but the lots are smaller also. Trulia tells us that houses built since 2015 occupy, on average, 25 percent of the land they were built on. That figure was only 13.9 percent in 1975. And according to Capital Economics Ltd. , the size of an American home has decreased for the first time in 30 years to 2,420 sq. ft. after peaking in 2015 at 2,520 sq. ft. This is attributed to the shrinking of homebuilder margins due to a shortage of labor and land. And lastly, my guess is that the huge rental companies are chomping at the bit over this news: Houston is seeing homes sold for 40 cents on the $1 after the flood. An estimated 1.8mm homes suffered uninsured losses, according to CoreLogic Inc. New Products From Lenders and Vendors This week, Informative Research…(read more)

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