Non-QM, Fraud Protection Products; MGIC’s Pricing Engine; BB&T/SunTrust Deal


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Guys – here’s your one-week warning for Valentine’s Day. In related news, countless scientific studies have proven that a male human being is incapable of folding the bottom sheet from a bed. I mention this, on a personal note, because I am still unable to even fold a t-shirt after watching this amazing short video on how to do it properly. But there are more important things than folding a t-shirt in two seconds, like how best to compete. Here’s a piece suggesting that technology levels the playing field, and that lenders will have to reach beyond that in order to succeed in a tough market. One way to compete is to merge in overlapping territories, and we saw that with BB&T announcing a deal to buy SunTrust in all-stock deal worth $66 billion that will create the…(read more)

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