Not all Recoveries are Created Equal


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CoreLogic has been watching for signs of overvalued markets for some time. The company and its lead analysts Frank Nothaft, Molly Boesel, and Sam Khater have produced a special report “Evaluating the Housing Market Since the Great Recession,” which plots the path that led to what can fairly be called a mixed recovery. Starting in December 2007 the country trod a path that, over the next two years, ultimately led to 8.7 million jobs lost, an unemployment rate that peaked at 10 percent, and over $16 trillion in lost household worth. The situation began to turn around in 2010 and over the next seven years the economy grew by 19 percent, added jobs for 88 consecutive months, and saw unemployment drop to 4 percent by the end of 2017. As the economy recovered, so did the housing market . Home prices…(read more)

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