Notes on Culture; Disaster Updates; Jumbo Trends and Reverse Mtg. Securitization


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If you want to read up on the latest Fannie lawsuit, here’s one dealing with a stripper hired into Fannie’s IT group but with unusual manager expectations . If you want to live in affordable beach town, stay away from California. Per this list , there aren’t any. In fact, looking at the West Coast, in the top 25 there is only one in Oregon (Coos Bay) and only one in Washington (Port Angeles) – most of the others are in Florida. And if you want the latest on Equifax , it is battling 334 separate consumer complaints . No surprise there, huh? Jumbo and Nonconforming News The jumbo-mortgage market has been a bright spot for the banking industry in recent years. Banks love putting those loans on their books. But the tax law has already removed some of the shine from it. The…(read more)

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