Noteworthy Upcoming Events; LIBOR Update; 10YR Closes Lower for 3 Days


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If anyone ever asks you, the average parking space is 180 square feet, which works out to 242 parking spaces per acre. Reuters reports that, due to Volkswagen buying back cars in the wake of its emissions scandal, there are 294,000 cars parked around America. That’s 1,214 acres. Trainings and Events The NAMB Swarm is coming up on Wednesday April 4th in Phoenix. This day-long event is filled with a variety of speakers that will provide great information and useful tools to help grow and improve your business. Panel discussion will include Young Mortgage Professionals: Refueling the Mortgage Industry Through Attracting, Connecting and Educating (ACE) Millennials. The Cost for this session is only $40 per person and includes breakfast and lunch. Join Plaza on April 4th for a webinar as a…(read more)

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