Ocwen-PHH; Changes to Fees, Pricing, and Lock Policies


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As an industry we don’t want headlines about the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) spending $31,000 on a dining set spending $31,000 on a dining set for Ben Carson. But we have them. Especially when over 33,000 Texans are still displaced from their homes as a direct result of Hurricane Harvey, five months after the storm battered the Houston area. Many of these people are still living in temporary federal emergency housing. In related news, and not just in Texas, home buyers are increasingly putting in bids sight unseen. A survey from brokerage firm Redfin Corp. found 35 percent of home buyers did not visit a property before putting in a bid . This rate shoots up in tight housing markets like Los Angeles, where 57 percent of buyers bid on a home without visiting it. The…(read more)

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