One View on Election’s Housing and Mortgage Market Impact


Posted To: MND NewsWire

A post on CoreLogic’s blog just came to our attention. It was written (by Stuart Pratt, the company’s newly appointed senior vice president of Government and Industry Relations.) a little over a week ago so some of what Pratt, with a tip of the hat to Donald Rumsfeld, calls “known knowns and known unknowns” are already “known.” But it is still an interesting perspective on what housing might look like under the new Trump Administration and with a Republican controlled Congress. First, Pratt says that we do not yet know who the president-elect may appoint and who Congress might approve for key positions impacting housing policy. Some appointments that will be made, some almost immediately and some over the next 18 months include FHA, GNMA, CFPB, FDIC, FTC, SEC, NEC, Federal Reserve, and the…(read more)

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