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ExceeD Real Estate school offers online courses through our online affiliate provider, The CE Shop*, where you can take courses at your own pace, on your own time, when and where it’s convenient for you!  Online courses are now offered in more than 30 states for real estate licensing, property management, continuing education, exam prep, and more!


*Please note that students CANNOT transfer from an online course to an in-class course, or vice versa, after registration is complete. 
*Per The CE Shop, there is no option to have a printed course book for an online course. 


Benefits of taking an online course:

  • Convenience – Take the course at your own pace, on your own time, when and where it’s convenient for you.
  • Free Trial – The CE Shop offers a 5-day trial so you can take a test drive before you buy.
  • Time – You have up to 6 months to complete licensing courses.  After 6 months, monthly fees are charged by The CE Shop.

Benefits of taking an in-class course:

  • Accountability – Similar to the gym or fitness…if you are registered to take a class, you are expected to be there and you actually show up.   We see far too many students begin the online course and never get around to completing it!  Unless you have a great deal of self-discipline, determination and accountability, we encourage you to take your course in-class!
  • Real Life Instructor – Our instructors care about the success of our students and are willing to meet with students before class, after class, and even out-of-class for complimentary study sessions!  It is important to know that you have someone who will pick up the phone when you have a question, and who will remain accessible to you for questions even after you pass the exam.
  • Save Money + Less Testing – For the in-class real estate course, you only have ONE exam to complete at the end of Unit I, and, it’s INCLUDED in the cost of the course.  Online, you have to complete an exam at the end of each unit and have to pay up to $60 separately for each exam.
  • Family – Our instructors treat each and every class like they’re family.  Our courses connect students, and many become friends for life!
  • Guest Speakers – ExceeD schedules industry partners, but more importantly, Brokers and BICs (Brokers-In-Charge) of local real estate agencies to visit the school and educate students on what they are able to offer as an agency.  Instead of wondering who you should “hang” your license with, you can sit into our course and let the answer come to you!  Plus, free food!


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