PHH Changes; Bank Branch Trends; Upcoming Events; Hispanic Ownership Trends


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It is hard to argue with nationwide demographic trends , especially when it comes to Hispanic borrowers & first time home buyers in some parts of the nation. Did you know that the three most common last names in California and Texas are: Garcia, Hernandez, and Lopez (California), and Garcia, Smith, and Martinez in Texas? Between 2010 and 2030 it is estimated that there will be 17 million new household formations, of which 40% will be Latino. (And if you’d like some food trivia, tortillas now outsell hamburger buns, and salsa is the #1 condiment sold in the U.S.) More on this trend below, and an upcoming event of note. The number of announced bank mergers and acquisitions has died down somewhat in August, but it is noteworthy to take a quick look at bank trends . The latest FDIC supervisory…(read more)

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