Private Mortgage Insurance Company Results and News: Solid 2nd Quarter


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“Q: How do you transfer funds even faster than electronic banking? A: By getting married!” That’s my attempt to ease into the news that the IRS increased the marriage penalty .” The Internal Revenue Service (do you ever think about that name?), through AOD 2016-02, is offering a very large reward for unmarried taxpayers who co-own a home: double the mortgage interest deduction available to married taxpayer. What do, in alphabetical order, Arch, Essent, Genworth, MGIC, National MI, Radian, and United Guaranty have in common? One guess is that they seem to help sponsor practically every conference or company event that occurs in residential lending. Another is that they are trying to grab, assuming a $1.6 trillion origination market this year, about 10% of that, or $160 billion…(read more)

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