Processing, Warehouse, and Non-QM Products; Why Bank Mergers are Picking Up


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Some banks have concluded they will have to support Libor after 2021 , when alternative rates are in place. The banks hope to avoid disruption from a sudden discontinuation of Libor. Why does it matter? Plenty of adjustable rate mortgages, and lender warehouse lines, are tied to it. We don’t need confusion. Upcoming Events Do you want to close more loans but feel they are getting harder to source? Find out what originators can do when the conventional well runs dry. Join industry veterans, the CFO of CoreVest, and the company’s VP of Wholesale, via live webcast on June 20th to discover how investment property loans can be your ticket to growing more business and more clients. Sign up for the free webcast through this link . Register for the June 12th California MBA Legal Issued…(read more)

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