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Happy 121416, by the way, in the United States. Plenty of potential home buyers are still paying rent . You’re probably working in an office where the landlord earns rent from your company. When I play Monopoly and I land on someone’s property, I owe them rent. My cat Myrtle often demands I pay rent, even though she’s not on title. As it turns out, even when a plane from one country flies over another country, it owes rent ! But of more interest to lenders and real estate agents is that for a typical family 28 percent of income goes towards rent as of 2014 . Bank news? There’s always a lot going on. A teleconference is being held on Thursday, Dec. 15 at 11AMam ET. Mayer Brown partners David Beam , Melanie Brody , Jonathan Jaffe and Jeff Taft will discuss the Office of the…(read more)

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