Quicken’s Parent Expands, Lots of Training and Events; Wage Inflation Primer


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Ah, here we are starting off a work week with 5 whole days in it. Remember that next Monday is a holiday for some, not all, with the usual questions about it on processing a loan. ( Lenders are not to include the date of the holiday in the three-day rescission period for any loans disbursing after that date. Additionally, it should not be included for purposes of the TRID waiting periods.) That is probably the last thing on the minds of employees of The Limited: the company has posted a message on its website saying it is closing all of its 250 stores nationwide. First Sears, then Macy’s, and now this. But there are jobs in residential lending. Rock Holdings, the parent company of Quicken Loans, announced that it is expanding its portfolio with the acquisition of LowerMyBills.com and…(read more)

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