Record Bank Earnings, Basel Update; Appraisal and Collateral Trends


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For me the last few weeks included travel to events in Florida, Texas, Southern California, and now The Mortgage Collaborative’s event in Arizona. And although I wouldn’t describe the mood as “vivacious” out there (“keeping our noses to the grindstone” would be more appropriate), in terms of demographics I have noticed more and more younger faces at conferences. Indeed, Pew Research finds that as of the end of last year there were over 58 million millennial workers in the US labor force ranking this group #1 in size vs. 53 million Gen X workers coming in at #2. Bank and M&A news. Tricon Capital Group announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire public single-family rental (SFR) operator Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. by way of an all-cash transaction…(read more)

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