Referral and Disclosure Products; Down Payment and LTV Trends


Posted To: Pipeline Press

As residential origination volumes and margins contract, plenty of lenders are looking at construction, non-QM, bond, government, ARM, SBA, and USDA lending opportunities. Who are Acore Capital, Apollo Commercial Real Estate, Blackstone Mortgage, KKR Real Estate, Mack Real Estate, Madison Realty Capital, Mesa West Capital, Starwood Property and TPG Real Estate Finance? They are non-banks thought to be doing something right and are on the forefront of construction lending . In other lending news, the OCC may encourage depository banks to increase short-term lending to cut down on abuses at locations like check-cashers, pawnshops, etc. Down Payment News, LTV Guideline Shifts In 2016 the home ownership percentage dropped to its lowest rate since 1965. Rates are decent, there’s an incredibly…(read more)

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