Rent Trends Helping Lenders; Surprising New Fraud Issue; Pent-Up Demand


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This month for me includes Texas (a few times), Maryland, Northern California, and Colorado (a few times). It can be cold out there! So far the mood seems to be good, with some purchase-focused originators not displeased with rates whatsoever. (At least we don’t work for Sears. It is closing 150 stores and selling its Craftsman tool brand.) But speaking of states, California legislative leaders announced they’ve enlisted a lawyer who knows a little something about federal government to help fend off “potential challenges” from the incoming Trump administration. Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will lead a team of lawyers from Covington & Burling in California’s fight against potential Republican attacks on the state’s policies. In fraud news… What’s this? An attorney…(read more)

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