Rise and Fall; A Close Look Into What’s Moving Rates; Agency Updates


Posted To: Pipeline Press

I’ve been in capital markets since the mid-1980s. No presidential administration has eliminated business cycles. Although stocks have given up their gains from 2018, rates have been moving lower as of late (including this morning due to political issues). At what point, if ever, do people and analysts talking about an economic downturn actually cause an economic downturn? The problem, of course, is that anyone with any money in the stock market has seen their net worth decline, including those saving up for a down payment. Lenders are focused on thinking about aligning their cost structures with current loam volumes, but it is good to know what is going on rate-wise. Are we going to see another refi boom? Any investor who purchased a fixed-rate mortgage, as a whole loan or in a pool,…(read more)

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