Sales and Underwriting Products; Conventional Conforming Lender and Investor Changes


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Another 5-day work week. Sigh. To some it’ll seem “longer than a CVS receipt.” To others it will fly by. What is also flying is the market in Boise, Idaho. Idaho is now the fastest growing state in the nation, percentage-wise, and with it comes traffic and other infrastructure problems. Is it becoming the new California? At the other end of the price movement scale, kind of, is the New York luxury market which is in the middle of a correction. Homes for $4 million or more took an average of 447 days to go into contract in 2018 – more than a year! But NY claims the current prize for the most expensive residence: $238 million , or $10,000 per square foot. Lender Products and Services SA Ibrahim and Dave Stevens haven’t relaxed in retirement. Mortgage Media has quickly…(read more)

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