Sales, Audit Tools; Vendors Raising Funds; 10-year Yield’s 3 month, 50 bp Move


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As rumors swirl about Michael Bloomberg entering the race for president, MLOs are winding down for the year (a few have written to me saying that, after a solid November and 2019, they’ll be coasting during December and try to push closings into 2020 to get a good start on things), and it’s around this time when capital markets crews are answering the yearly, “When are the 2020 conforming loan amounts going to be released, and what are they going to be?” Just to remind you, they are announced around/soon after Thanksgiving. And oddsmakers in Las Vegas are looking for a slight bump. But hey, those jumbo programs, without the 50-basis point or so gfee, are pretty price competitive, so there doesn’t seem to be the big need for higher conforming limits as there was…(read more)

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