Sales Jobs; Cap Mkts; Bank Competitive Pressures; Good Flood Insurance News?


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Think you have trouble finding good talent in the mortgage biz? The L.A. Times writes that President Trump signed an order to hire 15,000 new border agents two years ago and Customs and Border Protection paid $60.7 million to the consulting firm Accenture Federal Services to “recruit, vet, and hire” 7,500 such officers over five years. Accenture Federal has hired 33 such officers to date. While we’re talking about the working world, news has filtered down to me that California’s Terra Mortgage Banking/Opes Advisors (a division of Flagstar Bank) is the home to Nancy Goff, MLO , and mom of L.A. Ram’s starting Super Bowl Quarterback Jared Goff. Our business touches everyone! Lender Products and Services Now that market volatility has resurfaced for mortgage originators…(read more)

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