Sales Workshops; Reports on Nonbank Lending; Amazon Mortgage?


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Rates have gone up, refi volumes are dropping, and LOs are having plenty of discussions with potential borrowers about “rent vs. buy.” SmartAsset has now set up an interactive map that shows where buying a home, or renting, makes the most sense – page down a few times. (And yes, that is the company’s name.) The Changing Residential Landscape The Brookings Institute published a paper directly addressing the problems of nonbank mortgage companies. “ Nonbanks originated about half of all mortgages in 2016 , and 75% of mortgages insured by the FHA or VA. Both shares are much higher than those observed at any point in the 2000s. We describe in this paper how nonbank mortgage companies are vulnerable to liquidity pressures in both their loan origination and servicing…(read more)

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