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The interest rate environment is like the weather: we all talk about it, but no one can do anything about it. Lenders have certainly noticed that since Christmas the 2-year Treasury note yield has increased about .5% while the 10-year Treasury note yield has increased only .25%. There is increasing chatter that near-term Fed action (impacting the 2-year note yield) will slow the economy in the longer term, impacting the 10-year note yield, and thus mortgage rates. I even heard someone say something like, “We may have seen the highs of the year for mortgage rates!” Plenty of bankers hope so. Speaking of banks, Citigroup said job automation suggests it could eliminate almost 50% of its 20k technology and ops staff over the next 5 years. VA, FHA, HUD, USDA, and Ginnie News The Mortgage…(read more)

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