Securitization and Agency Risk Transfers Continue to Shape Capital Markets


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Basketball folks have been talking about 33-year old LeBron James signing a four-year, $154 million deal with the Lakers. I don’t know the intricacies and details of the contract, but that averages out to roughly $38 million a year, nor am I going to take the time to figure out the debt-to-income ratio on his two Southern California digs. But the photos look nice . The economic picture looks good for King James. And possibly not so bad for others, and that is helps drive rates. In a joint interview, Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon said the economy is strong and still has steam . Reasons stated by Dimon for this forecast, “Business sentiment is almost at the highest level it’s ever been, consumer sentiment is at its highest levels, markets are wide open, housing’s in short supply and my…(read more)

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