Servicing Law Changes; A Flashback to Servicing 10 Years Ago


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Hey, I am all in favor of the tiny house movement…if I have room for my bottle cap collection, antique banks, gumball machines, Spirograph and Battling Tops games, Santa in the manger nativity scene for the roof in December, several old copper fire extinguishers, and my father’s navy memorabilia from WWII and Korea. And Myrtle’s litter box. I mention this (tiny houses, not the litter box) because Clayton Homes just unveiled a 452 square foot home affixed to a permanent foundation . (In other words, it doesn’t have a license plate.) At the low $100s, there must be some appeal for first-time home buyers out there… Servicing Snippets What was going on ten years ago? Here’s a piece from my commentary in August 2007. “Of the $10.4 trillion, which companies are servicing the…(read more)

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