Servicing Package Offered; Upcoming Events and Sales Workshops


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As local, state, and national organizations plunge into another year’s worth of conferences, there is some good news for those that imbibe in adult beverages. According to this research , alcohol trumps exercise for living past the age of 90 . Great news for all those LOs out there who have already reached that milestone. Servicing Non-depository lenders are still searching for lines of credit to finance their mortgage servicing rights (MSR). And servicing packages continue to trade. Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (“ MIAC ”) is pleased to offer, as exclusive agent, a $40 million pool of performing Investor Loans originated by a Non-Bank originator. The loans are being offered on an all-or-none basis, Servicing Retained at a 6.0% Net Interest Rate. These are non-recourse…(read more)

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