Servicing Update – Where are Values and Why?; AUS and CRM Products


Posted To: Pipeline Press

One of the things that impact servicing values is foreclosure laws, and rates, in certain states. Foreclosures have dropped, thankfully the number of borrowers in trouble has dropped, but certain loan vintages, and certain states, are seeing an increase in higher foreclosures . “Meanwhile we are beginning to see early signs that some post-recession loan vintages are defaulting at a slightly elevated rate, a sign that some loosening of lending standards has occurred in recent years.” Servicing Update Mortgage servicing is the channel to watch right now for tech disruption . “With no one stepping up to transform the stagnant industry for so long, TMS is a welcomed change. As a TECH100 winner , the fintech company continues to deliver on its promise to create a lifelong relationship…(read more)

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