Setback for DOJ in BofA Case; TRID’s Impact in Capital Markets; Are MBS Markets Liquid?


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What do banks have that non-bank residential lenders don’t? The fifth annual “State of Financial Marketing” survey conducted by The Financial Brand found the top products that banks most heavily market are mortgage loans and refinancing (64%), mobile banking solutions (61%), home equity loans and lines of credit (43%), credit cards (42%), and auto loans and refinancing (42%). Larger banks have been pumping up their customer’s awareness of mobile wallets and peer-to-peer services. For those who follow mortgage changes overseas, here is some news that an Anglophile sent along regarding, “News from across The Pond you might find interesting: a 0% deposit mortgage . There’s been a bit of a backlash, both from a bubble/risk standpoint and from a social standpoint, i.e. it only…(read more)

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