Shift Out of FHA Loans Yet Ginnie Sets New Record; Worst Seller Traits in M&A


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The last time I checked Americans enjoy living indoors, especially given storms like today’s in the Northeast. How’s this for a combination of edifices and technology: If you think you don’t understand how blockchain works, how about 3-D printers? Here’s a printer that printed an entire house in 24 hours!! M&A update In the last week or so it has been relatively quiet on the bank side of things. But we’ve seen two big bank deals . It was announced that Iberiabank ($21.6B, LA) will acquire Sabadell United Bank ($5.8B, FL) for about $1.03B in cash (78%) and stock (22%). And Sterling National Bank ($14.2B, NY) will acquire Astoria Bank ($14.5B, NY) for about $2.2B in stock (100%) or about 1.6x tangible book. In addition, Customers Bancorp (Wyomissing, PA) will be selling…(read more)

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