Single-Family Homes Now Integral to Rental Stock


Posted To: MND NewsWire

When one thinks about renters it is usually clusters of three-story garden style apartments, or high-rise elevator buildings that come to mind. But Freddie Mac says that the majority of America’s 43 million renter households, 25 million of them in fact live in properties considered single-family housing – detached homes, townhomes, and two-to-four-unit properties (with the last category accounting for about 8 million units). The total valuation of single-family rentals (SFRs) is estimated at well over $4 trillion, compared to $3.7 trillion for the traditional five+ unit rental properties. Urban dwellers make up 35.5 million of the nation’s renters while 7.5 million live in rural areas, but in the latter, 66 percent of the rental stock is single family housing. Because of the heavy involvement…(read more)

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