State Lending Law Changes Sweep Across the Country; LO Updates


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Regardless of weather, there are 251 business days in 2018, one more than in 2017. For years we’ve been counting the days for rates to move higher, yet the 10-year Treasury note finished 2017 yielding 2.41% versus beginning 2017 yielding 2.45% – nearly unchanged! Yet the entire yield curve has been flattening: The Fed has raised short term rates, which tend to impact 15-year pricing, while the long end of the curve has barely budged. Loan officers have noticed that the spread between 30-year and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages, historically around .75%, has shrunk to .50% or less. The flattening yield curve has puzzled many, as typically it leads to a recession, but now some economists are saying there are several causes, none of which warrant a “red flag” of concern –…(read more)

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