State-level Lending Law Changes; Servicing Trends and Packages


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Congrats to Indiana’s Ruoff Home Mortgage and president & CEO Mark Music. Why? The lender helped sponsor the winning Indy 500 car this weekend! Capital Markets We’re on Tuesday already, but looking back to Friday U.S. Treasuries and agency MBS prices hardly changed versus Thursday’s close (only a few 32nds up or down) despite an upward revision to the official estimate for Q1 U.S. GDP growth. And durable goods orders for April missed expectations but March’s numbers were revised up. The 10-year note closed a shade better yielding 2.25% and MBS prices roughly unchanged. Rates are down a shade this morning in the U.S. Why? Mostly news and nervousness from Europe. Eurozone equities are under mild pressure due to ongoing Italian election worries, some Greek debt worries, soft regional…(read more)

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