State-Level Policy Updates; Eyes on Fed Rate Increase


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Trio is a lease with an option to purchase that you can use to finance your new home." Its sister company is Ownoption Mortgage , doesn't appear to be licensed either. And in the Seattle area, Loftium continues to offer a service to provide down payment funds in exchange for a share of future Airbnb income. "Homebuyers who need Loftium's down payment help simply agree to rent out a spare bedroom and share the income with us for 12-36 months after buying their new home." (Questions about the program should be addressed to founders Adam Stelle or Yifan Zhang .) And real estate agents should be aware of a new way to sell a house: Offer Pad , sent to me by Amy Ramsey with First Community Bank. State News California has recently enacted the Building Homes and Jobs Act , effective…(read more)

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