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There’s a lot of airport travel coming up. It is best to stay cool, calm, and collected . Unfortunately, something else that is cool, and calm, is the entry level market for homes. Thousands of housing stats are spit out every year, and here’s another one: Zillow finds about 270,000 fewer homes are sold each year compared to 2006, owing to the rentals. Put another way, the number of single-family homes that are rented out grew by 5 million between 2006 and early 2017. (For perspective, Michigan has 4.6 million units total.) Jumbo, Non-conforming, and High Balance Updates Plaza has a Solutions Program that offers a solution for your borrowers with DTI > 43% , self-employed borrowers with difficult income to document, or for transactions that do not fit standard Agency or Jumbo guidelines…(read more)

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