Tax Update, PACE Changes, 4506-T News; Tax Bill Hitting Rates


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Welcome to the Winter Solstice (yes, more sunlight ahead of us in the Northern Hemisphere!). Things are slowing down ahead of Christmas, shipping and post-closing departments are having potlucks, and I received this note from Joe Wilson, the Chief Marketing Officer for SimpleNexus. “We made a fun game for your readers to enjoy. It’s a simple, retro-style game that is an LO jumping over hurdles to get their loan closed.” Thank you, Mr. Wilson. Taxes, Mortgages, and Tax-Related Polices The tax bill has been passed by Congress, with all its pros and cons. Treasury yields rose on the news, since growth prospects are strong and getting stronger. The changes impact those that itemize their deductions. After this year, the interest paid on loans for vacation homes is no longer deductible…(read more)

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