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Yesterday at a job interview I filled my glass of water until it overflowed a little. “Nervous?” asked the interviewer. I replied, “No, I always give 110%.” I wish that I was really that clever. Glassdoor, the jobs and careers marketplace, has announced its annual report of the Top 10 Toughest Interview Questions for 2016. 1. “Which magic power would you like to have?” 2. “If you were a fruit, what kind would you be and why?” 3. “If you could have dinner with three actors that are no longer living, who would you pick?” 4.”How many hours would it take to clean every single window in Manhattan?” 5.”How do you get an elephant in a fridge?” 6. “If the time is quarter past 3, what is the angle measurement on the clock?” 7. “If you had three minutes alone in an elevator with the CEO, what would you…(read more)

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