See What Students Are Saying About Us…

“Great class!! Very knowledgeable instructors. Would recommend Exceed Real Estate School to anyone interested in real estate.”

– Omar D. Parker

“It was the most up-to-date school with the best instructor anyone could have.  There is no comparison.”

– Linda Gibson

“Great school and great instructors.  I looked forward to every day of class!  Truly a highlight in my life.  Thank you Exceed for making a big difference in my life.”

– Ryan Trobaugh

“Everyone at Exceed was fantastic and the teachers were patient and careful to explain everything. and prepared us well for the exam.  I highly recommend this school!  You won’t be disappointed!

– Braden Greer

“I enjoyed my WHOLE experience. The learning, the class and the instructor was terrific!”

– Beverly A. Miller

“Great school with great and knowledgeable instructors! I am newly licensed and so thankful that I attended Exceed Real Estate School! Wonderful experience.”

– LaBrasha Moore

” I would like to take a quick moment to recommend Jonathan and his crew to anyone looking at getting into the real estate business. Exceed takes a LOT of dry information and turns it into a fun manageable learning experience. They were thorough and made sure everyone got the information and to top it off each day ended with a humorous pun. The information was taught in a manner that I took both portions back to back, 1st thru 20th of February, took the test on February 21st and passed both on first try! Thank you Jonathan and the rest of the Exceed staff!!!

– Billy Byrd

“Exceed is THE way to go for RE schooling!! I drove all the way from Rock Hill for both Units 1 & 2 and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!  Jonathan is fantastic and it was so very worth the long daily drive.  Thanks for everything Jonathan!”

– Ivanna Lenox

“I attended Exceed Real Estate School for the Final Sales Unit. The instructor (Jonathan) kept the class engaged, and made sure that all students fully understood the subject matter before moving forward. I recommend Exceed Real Estate School for all your Real Estate Licensing needs!”

– Nyesha Woodard

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