The Ceaseless Lender and Investor FHA, VA, Fannie, Freddie Program Changes


Posted To: Pipeline Press

While rumors swirl about the topic for the phone call with Stearns Lending’s correspondent-wide staff today (let’s hope its good news), Richard Cordray’s job future, and more retail layoffs (this time Walmart’s cuts), how about something non-lending? Do you have a hankering for music from back home? Really miss that right-wing or left-wing talk show? Here’s a free website that lets you listen to radio stations from anywhere in the world . In other radio, non-mortgage, news, Norway has become the first country to eliminate FM radio . There’s even a music-themed joke today. The industry is still talking about the FHA MIP change earlier this week. What else is going on in FHA & VA land with lenders and investors? FHA announced that it is reducing its annual Mortgage…(read more)

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