Three Rate Hikes in 2017? Fannie Mae Doesn’t Think So


Posted To: MND NewsWire

Despite the 3.2 percent annualized growth in the GDP in the third quarter, Fannie Mae’s economists expect the full-years growth to moderate to less than 2 percent this quarter, finishing at 1.8 percent growth for the year. In the company’s December Economic Development summary its Economic and Strategic Research Group (ESR) said their forecast does not include the effects of any new federal policies “due to considerable uncertainty about the President-elect’s policy agenda and the extent of support he will receive from the new Congress. The report acknowledges the significant increase in long term interest rates over the preceding month with the 10-year T-bill touching 2.6 percent, the highest rate since July 2015, and “presenting headwinds for housing.” The dollar is nearing a 14-year high…(read more)

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