TPO Products; FEMA News; Brexit Extension Impacts Rates


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The Bank of Russia has reduced its benchmark interest rate to 6.5% from 7%, the sharpest cut in two years, and the EU has granted a Brexit extension to the UK. Mildly interesting. The U.S. saw something Friday that we hadn’t seen for nearly all of 2019: bank closures. In Ohio, Resolute Bank in Maumee was closed and Buckeye State Bank in Powell assumed its deposits. And in neighboring Kentucky, Louisa Community Bank’s deposits went to Kentucky Farmers Bank Corporation in Catlettsburg. And here’s something that may turn some heads: hallway scuttlebutt during the MBA’s conference about the Department of Justice and HUD collaborating on the loan level certification that will provide clarity on defect taxonomy and the False Claims Act. Watch for a 60-day comment period about…(read more)

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