TPO Products; OB/Resitrader Deals; New Tariffs Announced


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U.S. capital markets folks have a way with words. Henry Jonas writes, “I started in this business in a Secondary Marketing in ‘86. Outside of maybe 1994 I cannot remember margins this thin. I went to Kroger and bought the jumbo economy pack of toilet paper with sheets thicker than my margins. The old saying is, ‘If watermelons cost 50 cents to produce, selling them for a quarter and just getting a bigger truck, won’t solve your problems.’ Companies are still making it, but it is tougher than a truck stop steak right now.” Regarding volume, business bank lending is beginning to pick up – banks have suffered through several quarters of tepid loan growth, but signs suggest trends may now be improving. The Fed suggests bank lending rose over 5% in CQ2 …(read more)

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