Trends in Mortgage Insurance; Disaster Policy Updates; Why Early Payoffs Matter


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Home Value Forecast recently analyzed the impact these foreclosure laws are having on the U.S. Housing Market-particularly in the communities of Phoenix, AZ and Cleveland, OH. Obviously servicers are more interested in a fast, straightforward process in the event of foreclosure rather than a long, drawn-out process – and that also impacts the value of servicing. MGIC (MTG) reported monthly operating statistics for February. New notices were down 3.9% Y/Y, and the ending delinquent inventory was down 4.0% M/M and down 20.2% Y/Y. (In February 2015, new notices were down 23.8% Y/Y and down 27.4% M/M.) Insurance in Force (IIF) came in at $174.9 billion, flat with $174.9 billion reported in January. February delinquency trends and IIF growth were largely in line with expectations. Cures of 6,748…(read more)

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