Triple Threat Posed by Pacific Coast Earthquakes


Posted To: MND NewsWire

Another in a series of articles from Corelogic Senior Product Manager, MaiClaire Bolton, about assessing earthquake risk from a mortgage and insurance perspective focuses on the Pacific Northwest. While the region is not generally high on the list, at least in the public’s mind, of those that are earthquake prone, Bolton points to a massive 9.0 quake in 1700 that ruptured the full 600 mile length of the Cascadia subduction zone, a fault which runs off-shore, paralleling the west coast from Vancouver Island, Canada to Humboldt County in Northern Califonria. The quake was followed by a massive tsunami which inundated the coast and even affected Japan. That country’s history records an “orphan tsunami” the source of which was for hundreds of years unknown. For many years, scientists believed that…(read more)

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