Underwriting, Bid Tape Tools; Fannie/Freddie, Conventional Conforming Updates


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Kim Kardashian has vowed to take and pass the bar exam in 2022 without attending law school. You go girl! Few who go that route pass the test. Then again, few accomplish being famous just for being famous. Perhaps her goal is to one day address the MBA’s Legal Issues and Regulatory Compliance Conference (next month). While we’re on legal issues, Mortgage Media points out that “…Quicken is the only major lender to have not settled their FCA case, unlike almost all others, and have steadfastly defended their innocence. Not only has Quicken refused to settle, they have been effective at slimming down the volume of loans used as the base sample for the suit. ‘We’re talking about 55 loans that the DOJ said had an issue with out of the 250,000 FHA loans that we’ve…(read more)

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