Upcoming Events; DOJ and Eagle Home; Compliance “Fun” With CRM’s


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“Rob, are you hearing an issue regarding ‘individual CRMs?’ Where LOs are purchasing their own CRMs, which move with them to various companies, and then the compliance personnel at each company can’t effectively monitor the activities of the LO?” I am not a compliance expert – merely playing one on TV – but yes, and the big concern is that LOs are keeping more than just a name and a phone number in the system. And this opens cans of worms. (More below in the compliance & CRM section.) Classes and Events FHA announced that it recently launched newly redesigned and enhanced Electronic Courses on Loss Mitigation and Servicing System ( ECLASS ) and the Extensions and Variances Automated Requests System ( EVARS ) web applications. ECLASS is a portal…(read more)

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