Upcoming Events; USDA Changes, and Impact of Agricultural Land Valuations


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Americans have regained most of the wealth lost when the real estate bubble burst. Homeowners’ equity has more or less doubled since the lows of 2009. Since 2013, real estate has outperformed the S&P 500 by 16 percentage points. Always good to have a diversified portfolio, right? Let’s hope the Millennials are participating in this to some degree… Given that in this industry nothing ever remains constant for long, the USDA has issued an 80-page document with 72 “clarifications” , 48 “new” rules and one they deleted for a total of 121 changes. Karen Deis writes, “www.MortgageCurrentcy.com’s USDA expert spent almost 25 hours coming up with the list. We have broken it down into bullet points to make it easier to understand, including the “interpretation” of how it will affect borrower qualifications…(read more)

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