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Yes, calendars have changed over a few thousand years. But the Ides of March is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March, marked by several religious observances, and then became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. Speaking of history, want to buy a house with a cannon ball still lodged in the wall from 1861? Here’s your chance ! Capital Markets Any rate sheet price to a borrower is composed of many things: the mortgage-backed security price, value of servicing, buyups or buydowns based on coupon, and so on. One of those is the guarantee/guarantor fee. Where do those fees go? Well, shouldn’t they go to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, rather than to pave a highway or pay an entitlement? The MBA and other trade groups endorse the G-Fee Bill. The Mortgage…(read more)

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