Warehouse Predictive Products; Vendor News; Rate Hike Squeezing Lenders and Banks


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All kinds of things are being found. A woman in Missouri’s tiny house ” was found after being stolen. Then New York Times found more money to pay its crossword puzzle constructors ($500 for a weekday edition). Of the $300,000 scattered from a Brink’s armored truck in New Jersey, $125,000 has been “found” and turned in. (My guess is the $188,000 can still be found in wallets of turnpike travelers.) And I am pleased to announce that, after yesterday mentioning United Security Financial , a second Black/African American-owned mortgage bank has been “found” in the United States. President Mike Yates wrote, saying, “ Best Capital Funding was established in 2008. We are a FNMA / FHLMC approved seller servicer in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles…(read more)

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