Warehouse, Tech Integration Tools; Ginnie Booming, Trade Status Primer


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Besides sudden news, like PennyMac filing an antitrust lawsuit against Black Knight for anticompetitive behavior (“…market-dominating LoanSphere® MSP mortgage loan servicing system to engage in unfair business tactics that both entrap its licensees and create barriers to entry that stifle competition…”), or a reminder that the bond market will be closed Monday, there are trends that lenders are watching. Many lenders are echoing what the Mortgage Bankers Association has been reporting about applications, that most pipelines are leveling off or sinking as loans are processed and fund. And once again lenders are overtly cautious about spending money. The average square footage (sf) per employee in North America is about 150 sf/person. Large offices can be up to 400…(read more)

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