What New Homeowners Regret The Most


Posted To: MND NewsWire

Some homeowners aren’t breaking out the champagne after they’ve closed on their new home purchase. Nearly half of the homeowners in a recent NerdWallet survey said that they would take a different approach toward buying if they were going through the process again. The personal finance website polled 2,241 adults in January. “One thing I’d advise — and no buyer really follows it — is to shop around and do more research not just for your loan but for the home,” said Tim Manni, who covers mortgages at NerdWallet. Younger homeowners — millennials and Gen Xers — expressed the most buyer’s remorse after closing on a new dwelling. About 3 in 5 of these participants said they had regrets throughout the shopping and mortgage process. What they lament the most is that they should…(read more)

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